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Welcome to Our Painting The Dutch Masters Class

Painting The Dutch Masters, Jan Van Huysum Study is an intensive course for learning the techniques used by the Dutch Masters.

This course is available and free for online members of Jansen Art Online or Art Videos Direct.  You must be a registered member to receive this free class.

Jan Van Huysum was one of the most influential painters of the Dutch Golden era. David considers him his most influential artist.   The work and writings of Van Huysum inspired David to change his course of painting and truly expanded his brush to what you see today. Now, David will share his studies and how Van Huysum changed him in this 21 video study of the man and his wonderful techniques.

Van Huysum started his career painting the normal methods of grey grisaille used by many of the masters. In his late 20’s he moved away from those methods, creating completely new methods and techniques. He change the course of modern painting by not only understanding the new working principles of colors, but using them in new and completely different ways.

In this series we will explore the man, his techniques and his extremely detailed brushwork. Every artist should paint a Van Huysum at some point. It will change your perspective on art and you will grow as a painter. Join David in huge intensive study and paint a masterpiece today!




> Class has ended, but you still receive help and critiques in the "Student Network" 

> Class Fee is  Free for all registered and active customers of JansenArtOnline.com and Art Videos Direct.

> Written lessons can be downloaded (pdf file). Videos can only be viewed.

> Class includes 21 Video Lessons and 16 Written Lessons.

> Multiple pattern sizes available for download.

 Registration is CLOSEDThis class is free to all online students.  Only online customers have access.  When you register for an online class or Art Videos Direct, this class is added to your account for free.



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