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Welcome to S101 The Art of Painting Birds

Learn to paint a variety of birds perched in simple floral compositions with David Jansen and Heritage Multimedia Acrylics. David uses a limited palette and straightforward techniques to bring each design to life. He has authored several books on bird painting techniques. Paint along with him in this streaming online class.  David shares tips and techniques for creating interesting compositions, sketching forms and posing birds for movement and interest.  During live classes, get suggestions on how to start your favorite birds or enhance a painting that you are creating. Work at your own pace and enjoy unlimited access to the classroom and videos.   Download the classes for future inspiration.  Never lose your class material!


-15 Painted Designs

-20+ Videos (approx 25 hours)

-4 Videos Filmed Live with Student Questions

 -150 Pages of Printable Patterns and Photos

-Stream or Download Lessons

 Course Fee:  $199.95 



 Click This Link To Register For the Class. 


Join me for this wonderful new online experience.  We are so excited about our new live online classroom.  When inside the classroom, you can watch me create live paintings and ask questions that I can answer in real time.  If desired, you can send me photos of your work and we can help you in the live classroom.  It is a wonderful learning experience that I am sure will advance your skills.  Jessica will be joining us in the live classroom for additional painting fun.  See you in January!




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