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Welcome to C301 Painting the Crowned Sparrows

This class focuses on contemporary wildlife and floral techniques.  Practice balancing levels of interest and design weight. Use lost and found edges to enhance elements and paint a full, rounded, and vibrant composition. David will use limited palette and brushes to show you some of his favorite bird and flower techniques.  Learn how to paint and design the "matched pair" which makes a unique painting.

>Download available for all class materials and video lessons.

> Registration allows you access to other videos and features within the Jansen Art System.

> Class Fee is  $24.95  for 2 hours of video instruction. 

> Unlimited classroom access.  You will have access as long as you want so take your time!

> Prep and supplies needed will be posted below.

> Class is always running.  Sign up and paint anytime! Visit for as long as you desire.

Click This Link To Register For the Class.  (OPEN SOON)

SPECIAL FOR 3 DAYS...  $19.95


  C301 Painting the Crowned Sparrows Features

  • Downloadable and Streaming Video.  Watch it now or save for later.
  • hour video showing the painting of the entire design.
  • Downloadable patterns and videos for the painting. 
  • UNLIMITED CLASSROOM ACCESS No time Limits, work at your own pace even if you take 10 years.  :)

Student Comment About Our Classes

Then, let me say that this is by far the best class for the money I have
ever taken. The amount of information is staggering. I am having such
a good time. Aside from the money, it is also the best class I've ever
taken from an excellent teaching point of view. All teachers talk the
whole time they're working, I understand the process. Not all teachers
fill the time with information and actual teaching. David, you are an
exceptional teacher. you've also provided a huge amount of extra
material. Thanks.

Teresa, Hawaii, USA

Join me for another new online experience.  We are so excited about our new live online classroom.  When inside the classroom, you can watch me create live paintings and ask questions that I can answer in real time.  Really fun for you and our family here!   If desired, you can send me photos of your work and we can help you in the live classroom.  It is a wonderful learning experience that I am sure will advance your skills.  Jessica and Martha will be joining us in the live classroom for additional painting fun.  See you in November!

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