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Welcome to Adding Sails

A Seascape Painting Technique

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C901 Adding Sails

C901: Adding Sails

> 7 hrs of Video Lessons
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Duration: Lifetime
Price: $99.95

Join David as he paints this a 19th-century frigate sailing ship.  When sailing vessels enter a storm, they take down most of the sails and leave only a few up to navigate the churning ocean. Once they leave bad weather, the sailors begin to add the sails again. This ship is just coming out of a powerful storm and returning to full sail. Join David as he demonstrates acrylic techniques for painting layered colors on the sails. Learn to layer warm and cool scumbling to build powerful storm clouds. Paint a stormy sea with pure acrylics! 

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Thumb Sails 1

Thumb Sails 3



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Materials Used:

Brushes & Tools

Long Handled 
Fusion Flats
GAB133/4" Long Handled
Fusion Flat
Gab171½" Long Handled Fusion Flat #5 Liquitex Painting Knife

Heritage MultiMedia Acrylics

Red Violet Naphthol Red Lt Hansa Yellow Titanium White
Pine Green Phthalo Blue Burnt Sienna Yellow oxideYellow Oxide
HA26 Ultramarine BlueUltramarine Blue Thumb HA42Carbon Black HA28 Cerulean BlueCerulean Blue Extender Medium
Thumb HA11Indian Yellow HA07 Quin GoldQuinacridone Gold Thumb HA32Red Violet Thumb HA33Quinacridone Violet

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