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Welcome to S103 Heritage Module 3- Norwegian Rosemaling

Welcome to Heritage Education Module 3. We are a rosemaling studio. David began rosemaling in the summer of 1975 in oils. He has studied with some of the greatest modern era rosemalers over the years. He has also developed several new looks to these traditional styles. As an artist, it is important to preserve the tradition of rosemaling but also advance those traditions to include new looks and techniques. As Sigmund Aarseth said in 1974, "society is never static, so rosemaling shouldn't be either". New looks need to be developed because that is the true history of rosemaling. Since 1983 David has studied the history of rosemaling through the design periods from Baroque, Rococo through Louis XVI and Empire. Over the years our studio has also developed many acrylic techniques to not only preserve the historical looks but also give new looks to this timeless style of decoration.

Module 3 is presented by David along with his daughter Jessica, a 3rd generation decorative artist and our Japan Heritage Designer, Tamae Inoue.   These 3 wonderful and creative artists will take you on a painting journey through historical styles to new version perfect for today's decor. Join us as we advance the beautiful style of rosemaling while also honoring the wonderful tradition of this decorative style.

The module will guide you through various styles of Norwegian and American Rosemaling. The module features 12 video lessons, each lesson about 2 hours showing in depth the how to design, paint and the various techniques used to create each style. Module 3 also includes 2 books each over 150 pages. Rosemaling Techniques shows in detail basic and advance concepts of using Heritage MultiMedia Acrylics to Rosemal. The book covers such topics as:
History of European acanthus decoration, history of rosemaling, European influences, historical decoration, design styles and periods, various surface preparation, care for brushes, brush types- round, flat , and filbert.

You will also find subjects on background preparations, lasuring techniques, wood staining, palette preparations- (Technical Properties of Heritage Acrylics), color mixing, historical Norwegian colors, modern colors, basic rosemaling concepts, advanced rosemaling concepts, contemporary rosemaling, adding whimsy and stories, creating original works, finishes and varnishes. In all a large technical reference book for your studio.

The second book features the styles and designs of Telemark, Rogaland, Romsdal, Hallingdal, Gudbrandsdal, Vest Agder, Hordaland, Os, Ryfylke, Valdres, and Aust Adger. Each lesson will show in depth the painting of the acanthus scrolls and other elements historically linked to that style. Each lesson will feature 40 to 60 step by step photos showing the progression of the style as well as a 2 hour video showing the painting of the style, presented by David Jansen. A fantastic journey through historically rosemaling styles giving you the needed information to develop your own unique interpretations of the styles. Join us for this entire year worth of lessons for the cost of one seminar!


> If you purchased the DVD version of this module, your registration is free.

> Class Fee is  $380.00  for unlimited access and all downloads.

> Unlimited classroom access.  You will have access as long as you want so take your time!

> Register Now to Reserve Your Spot. 

>Classroom is open now.  Prep and supplies are posted in the classroom.

> Study at your own pace as you have time.

Click This Link To Register For the Class.


   Class Features

  • Downloadable and Streaming Videos.  You choose how you receive your videos.
  • 13 - 1 hour Streaming and LIVE classes for questions and answers along with 2 compositions. (you can download all lessons for personal use as needed)
  • 4 - 2-4 hour videos with 4 different Rosemaling composition painting and design lessons.
  • 1 - 2 hour video on designing and perspective. 
  • Several videos featuring color mixing, tones and lighting control.  Choosing artist palettes.
  • Several Design classes, color classes and other videos as needed.
  • Downloadable patterns AND videos for all paintings. 
  • Downloadable quick reference technique sheets.
  • UNLIMITED CLASSROOM ACCESS... No time Limits, work at your own pace even if you take 10 years.  :)



Student Comment About Our Classes

Then, let me say that this is by far the best class for the money I have
ever taken. The amount of information is staggering. I am having such
a good time. Aside from the money, it is also the best class I've ever
taken from an excellent teaching point of view. All teachers talk the
whole time they're working, I understand the process. Not all teachers
fill the time with information and actual teaching. David, you are an
exceptional teacher. you've also provided a huge amount of extra
material. Thanks.

Teresa, Hawaii, USA



Join me for another new online experience.  We are so excited about our new live online classroom.  When inside the classroom, you can watch me create live paintings and ask questions that I can answer in real time.  Really fun for you and our family here!   If desired, you can send me photos of your work and we can help you in the live classroom.  It is a wonderful learning experience that I am sure will advance your skills.  Jessica and Martha will be joining us in the live classroom for additional painting fun.  See you in November!

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