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Welcome to the Jansen Art Online Classroom

Our classes never end!  We are always upgrading and adding to them.

Once you register, you have unlimited access to the classroom and can stream or download the material at any time


< The Left Menu Shows Your Registered Classes.  As you buy classes, they appear in this menu. Click the name to navigate the lessons.

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 Jansen Art Online Classes

Course Button S101The Art of Painting Birds     Course Button PR101Mastering Roses     Course Button cc108The Great Horned Owl
Course Button C601Decorating Trays     Course Button S201Color Theory Techniques     Course Button S106The Art of Floral Painting
Course Button cc108
Painting a Wolf
    Course Button S106The Art of Landscapes     Course Button C601King of the Hill
Course Button S106Paint It Simply Florals     Course Button S301Lemhi Range: Diamond Peak     Course Button cc108Textured Seascape with Scraper
Course Button S402Eagle Watch     Course Button C701Painting Rocks and Water     Course Button CC103Belted Kingfisher
Course Button cc108Snowshoe Hare     Course Button S103Norwegian Rosemaling     Course Button S106Introduction to Westerns
Course Button cc108Wren and Rosemaling
    Course Button C601Trolling the Inlet     Course Button C601A Matched Pair


C classes: Single designs that focus on a particular painting technique.

S classes: These are longer, more involved seminars. They feature multiple designs and techniques with many hours of video, written lessons and bonus designs. 



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