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Banner wildflower ChallengeWe had so much fun with the 30 Days of Roses Challenge that we developed a weekly challenge for painting landscapes. Learn simple painting techniques for trees, water, and clouds. Make decisions confidently as you paint along with David in this new series of landscape painting exercises featuring Heritage MultiMedia Acrylics. We are uploading a new video every week for the next 12 weeks. Want to paint along?

Week 1       Week  2

Preview Week 1 375Click Here to Download Photo

Thumb Week 1 375Click Here to Stream Video

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2Coming April 1st 

Week 3       Week 4 

3Coming Soon






4Coming Soon


Week 5        Week 6

5Coming Soon





6Coming Soon



Week 7       Week 8

7Coming Soon





8Coming Soon

Week 9       Week 10 

9Coming Soon





10Coming Soon

Week 11       Week 12

11Coming Soon






12Coming Soon





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