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Welcome to Painting the Lemhi Range

Part 1: Diamond Peak 

Lemhi MediaDiamond Peak


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> Class Fee is  $79.95 for 7 hours of video instruction. 

> Include 2 paintings: A 2-hour study + 5-hour large design

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This series focuses on contemporary landscape techniques.  We start out by looking at reference photos. Then David walks you through a smaller thumbnail painting and shows you how to refine the design and test your colors.  Use this quick 2-hour painting to practice the techniques we will use in the larger design. 

Once you complete the thumbnail, you start the larger 24 X 30-inch painting.  During the journey, David demonstrates new color usage to create warmer and cooler snow areas.  Learn how to paint the mountain with more depth as it reaches towards a beautiful cloudy sky.  Looking closely at the photo you see lots of color interest in the mountain, especially in the sunlight and shadow areas. 

This beautiful, vibrant painting begins our Lemhi Range series.  This class will be immediately followed by the next volume, Everson Lake in the Lemhi Range.  Fun new landscape techniques for your toolbox!



Materials Used:

Brushes & Tools

Fusion Flats
3/4" Fusion Flat
bristles#1,4 Bristle Filberts or Flats #5 Liquitex Painting Knife

Heritage MultiMedia Acrylics

Red Violet Naphthol Red Lt Hansa Yellow Titanium White
Pine Green Phthalo Blue Burnt Sienna Perinone Orange
Medium White
Ultramarine Blue PhthaloGBPhthalo Green-Blue Yellow oxideYellow Oxide
SealerMulti-Surface Sealer
Extender Medium  

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