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Welcome to S201 Color Theory and Techniques

for Contemporary and Historical Art

Our new class coming December 21, 2018 will focus on several historical and contemporary color theory and techniques used to create beautiful works of art.  Over 100 Hours of Color and Techniques Education.  The world of color is so large and for many artists, confusing.  David has spent his life studying color, paint chemistry and learning historical painting theory.  He has worked as a colorist, chemist, paint consultant and artist.  He loves to teach theory and modern techniques of painting with environmentally friendly tools.

Do you want to take your art to the next step?  Do you ever wonder just how much to shadow or is your highlight light enough?  What brush works best for what techniques?  So many questions.  How do you plan your painting with color and what technique should you use?  This an so much more will be discussed in the class.  David will show you how to choose colors, apply techniques and take your art to the next step.

Our First Beginning Color Theory

David filmed his first Beginning Color Theory DVD set followed by an Advanced Color Theory set 15 years ago.  These sets have educated over 5,000 students.  Now, it is time to update and upgrade that color theory with even more modern techniques, colors and theories.  Today artists use a wide variety of both historical and contemporary techniques and now is the time to update our theory and painting skills.

What you can expect in this class...
Our first Beginning Color Theory course was 18 hours of video education for $200.  Today, we have so many more techniques and theories to include to help our students take the next step.  This contemporary course has over 100 hours of video education in more than 70 video lessons.  5 times what we originally filmed 15 years ago.  You can stream the lessons or download and view them at any time.  The class will be over 12 months in length and you will have unlimited lifetime access to the lessons. 

Color Dynamics

Color Dynamics is one of the most important aspects of being an artist.  This is what makes painting easy or difficult.  Dynamics is the relationship between the working properties of the paint your are using the the technique your trying to accomplish.  This also applies to pigment your choosing.  Some pigments work better with glazing techniques or blending techniques.  Pigments have very different working properties and the correct choice can make a techinque easy or difficult.

So Much More

We will also have Question and Answer sessions to help you with any concept you don't understand.  We will paint 30 small paintings including landscapes, florals to contemporary looks to help you apply the techniques and theories.

Learn the 8 rules of contrast and how to apply them in different situations.

Value Studies. Paint for Form, Interest and flow.  Learn about shadows the 3 basic concepts of value and how to apply them.  Add consistency to your colors and light.  What are the earth toners? How to use them and how does historical artists use them.  Learn color harmony, what make good backgrounds and so much more!



This course will also come with a special invitation to come paint with us at the Sidney Fine Art Center in Sidney Nebraska.  Join us the first week in September 2021 for a week of Applied Color Theory.  David and Jessica will be presenting landscapes, florals, wildlifes, Portraits and so much more using new color dynamic effects learned during the course.  This is going to be fun!!!


This is our free seminar week to all those who are in the S201 Color class.   The Color Expo is Sept. (exact date coming).  Hope to see you in Sidney, NE.   Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


Click This Link To Register For the Class. 

  • UNLIMITED CLASSROOM ACCESS... No time Limits, work at your own pace even if you take 10 years.  :)


YES- you can join this class anytime.  All lessons remain in the classroom, paint at your own pace!

> Limited Class Size.  This will be filled by first come first served basis.

> Class Fee is  $399.95  over 100 hours instruction and all downloads.

> Unlimited classroom access.  You will have access as long as you want so take your time!

> Register Now to Reserve Your Spot. 

>Classroom is open now.  Special Paint and Medium discount coupon of 35% for class members


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