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Welcome to PR101 Understanding and Mastering Roses

The Roses of Paint It Simply

I want to be able to paint that!!!

I have wanted to paint beautiful roses for more than 35 years.  After intensive study, I have developed a pathway for creating elegant roses and bouquet compositions.  Yes, it took practice, mostly to break the habits I had formed in 30 years of decorative painting.  After defeating these obstacles, my understanding of form, shape, and movement increased. 

Throughout this journey, we have published books, videos, and taught hundreds of classes.  However, our students continue to ask for more concentrated studies on roses.  Now, for the first time, we combine this "rose" journey into a program designed around the many ways we paint roses at Jansen Art Studio.  

What you can expect in this class

PR101 Understanding and Mastering Roses Course is a new online learning experience.  It is a rose painting program centered around self-paced lessons and workshops for beginner to advanced painters. The program's approach is based on observation, color, technique, and repetition to advance your skills.

The course contains videos such as: achieving natural colors, technical brushwork and marking-making skills, expanding your creativity, and painting freehand forms.  It features additional lessons on design, color, techniques, and observation.

The program includes a workshop section where you will find technique videos to help you understand the brush and color methods used by David Jansen and other historical methods of rose painting. 

You can download the Mastering Roses book series and the accompanying video lessons in the reference section ( $200+ value!)

So Much More

In our experience, color theory is an essential artistic study.  We would like all of our students, no matter what you paint, to understand color theory.  Our online color theory course, S201 Color Theory, is designed to help you understand the use of color and create the tones appropriate for any given color passage.   We feel that an understanding of color theory is necessary to understand the painting of the rose. 

Because these studies work hand in hand, we are offering a special discount to students that enroll in both programs.  Students already enrolled in the S201 Color Theory Course will receive a 50% discount on the PR101 Understanding and Mastering Roses Course.  Students that enroll in the Mastering Roses Course will receive the same offer for the Color Theory Course. In this way, we develop a language of color and form to take us to the next level of creating.

This is a lifetime membership class. It is self-paced so that you can work at your own speed.  Download the materials or stream the videos online. Fill your artistic toolbox with the tools necessary to paint the roses that David and Jess show you while finding your own style and creating new looks.  This is a lifelong educational process. 

It's time to conquer the rose!  Own it and create new looks!  Come join us on this inspirational journey.

Just a sample of the course categories;

Various Rose Forms

Complementary Leaf Shapes.

Brush, Edges and  Color Passages

Subject and Design

Shape, Flow and Movement

Creating Interest and Form

Compositional Exercises

Rose Technique Workshop



Click This Link To Register For the Class. 

 S201 Students Check the "Welcome Page" for your 50% discount coupon.

  • UNLIMITED CLASSROOM ACCESS... No time Limits, work at your own pace even if you take 10 years.  :) 

YES- you can join this class anytime.  All lessons remain in the classroom, paint at your own pace!

> Class Fee is  $399.95  over 100 hours of instruction and all downloads.

> Unlimited classroom access.  You will have access as long as you want so take your time!

>Special Paint and Medium discount coupon of 35% for class members

>Special discount coupon of 50% for S201 Color Theory


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