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Welcome to the

Heritage Rose Teacher Program

  Learn - Grow - Teach


Ad Rose Teacher

Special Introduction from David
I have been teaching for over 35 years.  Through teaching, I have advanced my skills as an artist faster than I would have through individual study.  Why?  As you teach, you repeat the concepts until they are your artistic habits.  Also, students bring a fresh perspective to your work. A student's questions can push a teacher's creativity in new and unexpected directions. This is why I will always be a teacher. Teachers are the core and foundation of an artist's techniques.  We hope that you use this program is to elevate your studies to new levels through teaching.  It is a great way to start your selling career and earn money through teaching while growing as an artist.  


Course Goal
We want to build a team of teachers. Many students desire direct instruction from a teacher. Nothing can replace a teacher looking over your shoulder and helping you with your brush grip and pressure.  With a network of teachers that understand how to paint roses with Heritage Acrylics, we can refer our online students to those teachers for personal instruction.

What you receive in the course
The course has 20 lessons that you can paint and teach to your students. These lessons are divided into 3 stages with increasing technique and design complexity.   Everything you need to teach the 3 stages is included.  Print out the instructions, watch the videos and then begin teaching.  We have an online teacher forum where teachers can discuss pricing, promotions and help each other.  There is no time limit- it is a lifetime course.

T105 Rose Teacher Program Includes:
- Teaching Rights for 20 Designs
- 12 written lessons with printable instructions
-  8 video lessons with printable photos
- Downloadable Techniques Book (100 pages)

- Media Kit with a printable poster and flyers to promote your classes 
- A Teacher's Discount of 40% off of paint and brushes for classes.
- Access to the Teacher's Forum to brainstorm with fellow teachers.

Additional Advantages
Rose Teachers can purchase Heritage paints and brushes at a discount. That way, they can resale supplies, make additional income, and retain a better price control on their classes.  Contact us after registering so that we can set up a teacher account for you.

Looking below, you will see the cost of the course. Notice the huge discount for anyone already enrolled in our S201 Color Theory course?  Why?  Because I started teaching through color.  I believe in color theory. In all my years of teaching around the world,  I have seen that color theory makes a better teacher.  We want to reward those artists who take the extra time to study color theory.  It makes a better teacher, for, without color knowledge, there isn't a complete understanding of the techniques we use in our courses.   Everything we do revolves around color. 

T501 Course Cost
At Jansen Art Online we love our students.  If you are enrolled in certain courses, you will receive a huge discount on the teacher's program.  If you are not a current student in one of the courses listed below, you will need to pay the full course price.

T501 Course Price without discounts is $399.95

S201 Student Price for the course is $49.95  Check the Coupon Page for Your Class  ($350 savings)

S105 Student Price for the course is $249.95 Check the Coupon Page for Your Class  ($150 savings)

Recommendation: Join the S201 course prior to registering for the Rose Teacher Program to receive the S201 discount.


Special Note for Japan Students:   Contact Tamae Inoue for price and course structures. Tamae is managing our teacher course for all Japanese students and teachers. 


Together we are building a strong artistic community of students and teachers.
Please join us and advance your opportunities and artistic goals!


Subscription Plans

T501 Rose Teacher Program

Huge Savings Available for Color and Rose Students!
Check the Coupon Page for Code
T501: Rose Teacher Program


> Teaching Rights for 20 Designs
> 12 Printable Written Lessons
> 8 Downloadable Video Lessons
> Teacher Discounts on Supplies 

Duration: Lifetime
Price: $399.95

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Materials Used:

Brushes & Tools

Fusion Flats

3/4" Fusion Flat

Heritage MultiMedia Acrylics

Red Violet Naphthol Red Lt Hansa Yellow Titanium White
Thumb HA23Phthalo Green Blue Phthalo Blue Burnt Sienna Yellow oxideYellow Oxide
Thumb HA26Ultramarine Blue Thumb HA13Diarylide Yellow Extender Medium
SealerMulti-Surface Sealer
Thumb HA33Quinacridone Violet      

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