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C302 Class BannerNext In Line is David's newest video lesson showing the techniques he has learned during his study of the Western Master Painters. Next in Line features new concepts and color mixing techniques to challenge your brush and the way you approach painting. Painting the western genre greatly enhanced David's ideas and expanded the techniques that he uses in all his other paintings. Color, form, edges have to be correct to portray the story and build depth in the design. By applying these techniques to objects that you don't usually paint, you will feel tremendous growth and confidence in your brush. 

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Next in Line
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Broken Color Concepts

 Broken color is key to a design's story and an essential technique for the Western painting genre. But, how does broken color work? How do we break old color mixing habits? Throughout this course, David addresses these common questions and more. The class starts with a video introduction in which David introduces you to a few western masters and their use of edges and colors. As we start painting, first, we establish the light source and define the story. The next lessons concentrate on new ways to express and use broken color. Videos 5 and 6 focus on the detail areas of the painting. Learn how much detail is necessary and useful techniques for inserting detail without disrupting the story.

 Finally, David shows you how to make a large, attractive, yet inexpensive frame. He explains the step by step process for creating a linen liner that adds a luxurious, textural contrast for an elegant look. Join the adventure into western genre painting and take your artistic journey to new places!

Preview C302 2 500    

Preview Gallery C302 500Next in Line at the Sidney Fine Arts Center

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C302 Next in Line

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C302: Next in Line

> 8 Video Lessons
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>Download or Stream all class materials and video lessons.
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Duration: Lifetime
Price: $59.95

Materials Used:

Brushes & Tools

Long Handle
Fusion Flats
Long Handle
3/4" Fusion Flat
Long Handle
#1 Bristle Filbert
#5 Liquitex Painting Knife
  Thumb filbertsHAB54_LH
Long Handle
#4,8 Bristle Round
Thumb filbertsHAB23_LH
Long Handle
#2,4 Synthetic Filbert

Heritage MultiMedia Acrylics

Red Violet Naphthol Red Lt Hansa Yellow Titanium White
Pine Green Phthalo Blue Burnt Sienna Yellow oxideYellow Oxide
Ha38 Med Beige 2Medium Beige thumb ha27Sapphire Blue Thumb HA23Phthalo Green-Blue Thumb HA33Quinacridone Violet
Thumb HA13Diarylide Yellow Thumb HA47Brown Madder HA26 Ultramarine BlueUltramarine Blue  
Thumb HA42Carbon Black
Extender Medium SealerMulti-Surface Sealer



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