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Thumb B5049 Book


Introduction to Paint It Simply

Casual Flowers


7 Designs with step by step photos
52-page Downloadable Book

7 Downloadable Videos

Published 2019
ISBN-10: 1795455543
ISBN-13: 978-1795455541

> Registration includes the Jansen Art Online Continuing Education Page & Live Video Events

> Unlimited classroom access. Take your time, the class does not expire.

> Sign up and paint anytime! 

> Class Fee is  $79.95

> Already purchased the book or kit? Check page 52 for your access code.

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Individual Lessons

Thumb B5049 IntroIntroduction

Thumb B5049 L1Lesson 1

Thumb B5049 L2Lesson 2

Thumb B5049 L3Lesson 3

Thumb B5049 L4Lesson 4

Thumb B5049 L5Lesson 5

Thumb B5049 L6Lesson 6

Thumb B5049 L7Lesson 7

More Lessons Available March 10th
IMG 4511 IMG 4512 IMG 4513
IMG 4514 IMG 4516 IMG 4515


Materials Used:

Introduction to Paint It Simply
Casual Flowers Kit

Thumb Kit

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Introduction to Paint It Simply
Casual Flowers Kit 

- 50+ Printed Book
- 4+ hours of DVD lessons
- Access to the Online Class
- 8 Heritage Acrylic Colors
- 5 Fusion Brushes
- 10 Wood Panels (9"x12")
- 4 oz Basecoat color
- 4 oz Extender Medium
- 4 oz MultiSurface Sealer
- 10 Sheets Palette Paper (9 x12")
- 2 plastic cups with lids
- Sponge
- Sandpaper


Brushes & Tools

Fusion Flats
3/4" Fusion Flat
#6 Fusion Filbert
  Gab01GAB01 #4 Fusion Round  

Heritage MultiMedia Acrylics

Red Violet Naphthol Red Lt Hansa Yellow Titanium White
Pine Green Phthalo Blue Burnt Sienna Carbon Black
Medium White Light Grey Extender Medium SealerMulti-Surface Sealer

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