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Thumb B5049 Book


Introduction to Paint It Simply

Casual Flowers


7 Designs with step by step photos
52-page Downloadable Book

7 Downloadable Videos

Published 2019
ISBN-10: 1795455543
ISBN-13: 978-1795455541

> Registration includes the Jansen Art Online Continuing Education Page & Live Video Events

> Unlimited classroom access. Take your time, the class does not expire.

> Sign up and paint anytime! 

> Class Fee is  $79.95

> Already purchased the book or kit? Check page 52 for your access code.

Subscription Plans

V5049 Introduction to Casual Flowers

V5049 Introduction to Paint It Simply Casual Flowers

Includes 7+ video lessons with a 52-page downloadable book. 

Unlimited lifetime access.

This class is your introduction to Paint It Simply floral.  It is designed for beginner level painters or artists that want to learn acrylic techniques.

1.  Please click the "Signup" button below to start.

2. If you are already a member of this website please login.
    If you are new, fill in the registration information.

3. Select payment method and register.  If you have already purchased the kit or book, access to the online class is free. Check the last page of your book for the access code. Enter this code into the coupon code box. The amount due will change to $0.

4. Select Classroom from the Top Menu. The class link will be in the My Class menu on the left side of the page.  Enjoy!

Duration: Lifetime
Price: $79.95

Individual Lessons

Thumb B5049 IntroIntroduction


Thumb B5049 L1Lesson 1


Thumb B5049 L2Lesson 2


Thumb B5049 L3Lesson 3


Thumb B5049 L4Lesson 4


Thumb B5049 L5Lesson 5


Thumb B5049 L6Lesson 6


Thumb B5049 L7Lesson 7


More Lessons Available
IMG 4511 IMG 4512 IMG 4513
IMG 4514 IMG 4516 IMG 4515


Materials Used:

Introduction to Paint It Simply
Casual Flowers Kit

Button Buy Now

Introduction to Paint It Simply
Casual Flowers Kit 

- 50+ pages Printed Book
- 4+ hours of DVD lessons
- Access to the Online Class
- 8 Heritage Acrylic Colors
- 5 Fusion Brushes
- 4 oz Basecoat color
- 4 oz Extender Medium
- 4 oz MultiSurface Sealer


Brushes & Tools

Fusion Flats
3/4" Fusion Flat
#6 Fusion Filbert
  Gab01GAB01 #4 Fusion Round  

Heritage MultiMedia Acrylics

Red Violet Naphthol Red Lt Hansa Yellow Titanium White
Pine Green Phthalo Blue Burnt Sienna Carbon Black
Medium White Light Grey Extender Medium SealerMulti-Surface Sealer

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