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Grab your brushes and enjoy days of designing and painting with David.  Create wonderful peonies, roses, and blossoms while using a variety of flower painting techniques such as halftone colors and shear techniques.  Learn how to recondition and design on metal trays giving them new life and beauty.  Finally learn how to achieve a professional finish that is sure to impress your viewers. 

Carosel Tray

Subscription Plans

C602- Designing and Painting Trays Volume 2

C602: Designing and Painting Trays Volume 2

> 6 Designs
> 7 1/2 hrs of Video Lessons
> Printable Photos & Patterns

Duration: Lifetime
Price: $99.95

A Note From David
I am always searching for new ways to make beautiful and interesting roses. For years I focused on slowing the drying time of the acrylic paint so I could create a blended look. However, a longer working time led to roses that felt stiff and unnatural. Recently I began using water as a solvent to reconstitute drying paint while I work. Using my fingers to push the colors with the direction of the rose, I concentrate on overall movement and not individual petals. I love the beauty of this method. It is easy to vary and will help you establish your own style of flowers. In the future, I will adapt this technique to landscapes and painting genres.
Solvent Push 600Solvent Push Technique


Carosel Tray  C602 Designing and Painting Trays Volume 2 Features

  • Downloadable and Streaming Videos.  
  • 6 - 1-2 hour videos that show how to complete each painting. 
  • 1 video on surface preparation
  • 1 video on varnishing the final painting
  • Downloadable patterns and photos for all paintings. 
  • Access the Jansen Art Online Continuing Education Video Page
  • UNLIMITED CLASSROOM ACCESS... No time Limits, work at your own pace even if you take 10 years.  :)
  • Materials Used:

    Brushes & Tools

    Thumb Fusion Flats#6-10 Fusion Flats or Filberts   GAB133/4" Fusion Flat

    Heritage MultiMedia Acrylics

    Red Violet Naphthol Red Lt Thumb HA13Diarylide Yellow Titanium White
    Thumb HA14Hansa Yellow Thumb HA24Phthalo Blue Burnt Sienna Yellow oxideYellow Oxide
    HA33 Quin Violet 2Quinacridone Violet  Thumb HA19Pine Green Thumb ExtenderExtender Medium SealerMultiSurface Sealer


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